How to Have a Safe Time on Your Boat This Weekend

boatThe best way to make sure that you and all your passengers have fun on the boat this weekend is planning for good times in advance. By taking the time to make certain safety is issue number one, all the other things will fall into place in time.

Here are some simple boating tips that are going to make certain this weekend is full of memories your guests will cherish a lifetime.

Start by hiring a qualified boat mechanic to periodically check your vessel from front to back. Something as small as a hairline crack may not even be visible to you, but a skilled mechanic can identify, fix, and send you on your way so a minor problem does not become a major emergency out at sea.

Each time you head out on the boat you have to have a communication system in place just in case there is an emergency. Cellphones may not get signals miles out at sea, but a satellite phone will work. Even if the boat radio malfunctions, a satellite radio can be your lifeline to the shore and immediate help.

Invest in plenty of safety equipment so that every person has a life jacket and there are plenty of flotation devices in the event the boat capsizes. Once everyone is in the water, that is not when you should be thinking about finding safety equipment. This should be something you think about before the boat leaves the dock each day.

Take the time to note where you plan on heading out for the day and leave that information behind with someone at shore who can then relay information to a search team if your boat has trouble and you do not return back at a scheduled time. If the search team only has to look in a small area, they are more likely to find you and all your guests before things go from bad to worse.

Top off the tank with fuel before you leave and make note where a few service stations are during your day because if one is out of fuel, you need to be able to find a station close enough before you run out.

Take the time to work this boating checklist each time you go out on the seas, and that will give you the best chance to come back safe and sound with memories everyone will be talking about for a long time.